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Keeping it transparent

It pays to benchmark your broker

Piggy Bank

If you currently work with an energy consultant that does their service for 'free' as in, they do not invoice you direct, you can be sure to say they are still earning commission on your usage. 

While most clients will be aware that their consultant will be earning money, they may not know the true amount of what this adds up to. Below will give you an example of what a broker can earn on your consumption (per annum). 

Business Meeting

Did you know?

Your broker can earn up to 3p in your Unit Rate currently

Most brokers receive the same 'base rates' from suppliers

Brokers now have to confirm what commission they earn from you

We can look to beat your broker by earning less!

Worked Example

Lets use an example of a business using 100,000 kWh a year for their Electric Usage. 

You were have been sold a contract with a unit rate of 19.562p/kWh.

Base prices at this time may have been much cheaper so lets say the base rates were 16.562 p/kWh. Your broker has chosen to include 3.00p in the unit rate for themselves which would equate to £3,000.00 per annum being paid to them. 

Lets say you signed up for 3 years - over this time your broker would have earned £9,000.00 of the course of the contract, paid indirectly through yourselves by you paying your supplier. 

We average 0.7p/kWh commissions for our clients. 

On the above example, we would have earned £700 per annum rather than £3,000 saving you £2,300 a year! Over a 3 year deal, this would have saved you £6,900 just for the simple fact that we didn't include as much commission in for ourselves.

Why work with a broker at all?

You may now be wondering why work with a broker at all which is a very valid question, as you could simply contact a supplier yourself.

What you will have to keep in mind is that:

  • Suppliers may not always give you access to their base rates, as a brokerage, we can obtain this from the off

  • Going to a large number of suppliers can be time consuming - we give you access to over 20+ suppliers right away

  • We work for you! If a different supplier or your current supplier is coming out on top, we will let you know - it doesn't matter to us who you decide to go with

  • We will ALWAYS beat your current supplier renewal offer when your contract ends

  • Continual account management for the duration of your contracts meaning you never have to speak to a supplier again - if you wish not to. You will be appointed your own dedication account manager

Why not give us a go to see what we can do to beat your current broker?

Wind Mills

What people say

Great communication with Tom. Very helpful and really sorted out a difficult and complicated situation with my energy company, I’d been massively overcharged by EDF with a strange billing system, and Tom managed to deal with all the jargon and letters and turn the situation around. Ended up being in credit for thousands instead of in debt for thousands. Would highly recommend.

Tim Haggis

Restaurant Owner

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