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The Smart Energy Company

Congratulations on Your Smart Savings!

Let's Shake Up the Energy Industry Together!

Thank you for teaming up with The Smart Energy Company! You've tapped into smart savings – now let's help others do the same. Know other businesses seeking a fair utility deal? Introduce them to us. Together, we're reshaping the energy market for everyone.

Happy with our

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Our Commitment Goes Beyond Pricing

The Smart Energy Company Difference

Ongoing Partnership


Our commitment doesn't end with a signed contract. We're here for any questions, concerns, or support you need throughout our partnership

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Stay Informed

Benefit from our insights and updates on the energy industry, ensuring you're always ahead of the curve.


Driving Change Together

Every referral brings us closer to a fairer utility industry. Together, we're making a difference for businesses everywhere.

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Happy With What We Do?

Help another business experience the same relief and joy you felt. By referring them to us, you're not just sharing a service – you're gifting them the opportunity to save and thrive. Let's spread the benefits together!

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Together, We're Powering Change

The Impact of Your Referral

Community Building


Every referral strengthens our community, ensuring more businesses get fair utility deals.

Smart Energy Company Driving Industry Change

Stay Connected

Stay informed with the latest insights and updates from the energy industry. Join our newsletter and be part of the conversation

Driving Industry Change

Your referral helps challenge the status quo, pushing the utility industry towards transparency and fairness.

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Your Trust Drives Our Success

A Partnership Built on Mutual Growth

Your trust and referrals are invaluable to us. Thank you for being an integral part of our journey and for helping other businesses discover the benefits of The Smart Energy Company.


Stay Updated

From market updates to industry insights, our blog keeps you informed about everything that might affect your business. Dive in to stay ahead of the curve.

Always Here For You

Remember, just like a loyal pet, we're not just here for Christmas (the initial price) – we're here for the long run. Or at least, as long as you'll have us!


Whether it's a query, feedback, or just a chat, we're available via Live Chat, Email, Phone, and even WhatsApp.

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Discover what we can do for your Business Energy

Discover the Smart Energy difference. Trust in our expertise for tailored energy solutions, up-to-date market insights, and unwavering support. Your feedback drives our continuous improvement.

Wind Mills

What people say

Great communication with Tom. Very helpful and really sorted out a difficult and complicated situation with my energy company, I’d been massively overcharged by EDF with a strange billing system, and Tom managed to deal with all the jargon and letters and turn the situation around. Ended up being in credit for thousands instead of in debt for thousands. Would highly recommend.

Tim Haggis

Restaurant Owner

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