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Recently moved properties in the UK? You might be unknowingly paying more on your energy bills. Deemed rates can be costly. Don't let them impact your finances. Secure the savings you deserve.

Discover your potential savings today.

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Moved Into a new property? Start saving right away!

Demystifying Deemed Rates

Deemed rates kick in when you move into a property and start using the existing energy supply without a formal contract. While they're a temporary solution, they often come at a higher cost. Here's what you need to know:

What are deemed rates?

  • When you move into a new property and use the existing energy supply without a negotiated contract, you're charged at deemed rates. It's a temporary measure until you select an energy plan.

Setting the Rates:

  • While utility companies set these rates, regulations cap the price to ensure fairness. However, without a negotiated contract, you might end up paying more than necessary.


Deemed vs. Out-of-Contract Rates:

  • Deemed rates apply when you've never had a contract with the supplier, while out-of-contract rates apply when a contract ends, and a new one isn't negotiated.

Why the Higher Cost?

  • Without a negotiated contract, suppliers move customers onto deemed rates, which can be more expensive than negotiated rates.

Switch From Deemed Rates

Why Switch From Deemed Rates?

Moving away from deemed rates can lead to significant savings. With our expertise, we'll help you navigate the market, ensuring you get the best rates and terms for your business.

Why Are They Higher?

  1. Lack of Negotiation: Without a set contract, suppliers charge default higher rates.

  2. Risk Perception: No contract means uncertainty for suppliers, leading to higher charges.

  3. Administrative Overheads: Managing non-contracted customers often incurs extra costs.

  4. Complacency: Suppliers know many customers aren't actively seeking better deals.

  5. Temporary Nature: Deemed rates are short-term, lacking the benefits of long-term contracts.

  6. Regulatory Caps: While there are limits, they're still set above typical contract rates.

Switching to a negotiated contract can secure more favorable energy prices.

At the Office

Did you know?

  • Deemed rates can be as much as 70% higher than negotiated rates.

  • Regularly reviewing and switching suppliers can lead to substantial savings.

  • We guarantee savings against your 'Deemed Rates' if you have just moved into a new property

  • You don't have to stay with the same supplier - you have the freedom to go to who you want!

Avoid Overpaying - Act Now
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Discover what we can do for your Business Energy

At The Smart Energy Company, you can trust that our personalised service ensures that you receive expert recommendations and a detailed analysis of your energy needs We keep up-to-date with current market trends to ensure you always have access to the most cost-effective and sustainable energy solutions. We value feedback from all of our clients, and your opinions help us to continually improve our services.


Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with an energy expert, and discover the right energy solutions for your unique needs.

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